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  1. Working as an International Show groom on the Sunshine Tour Spain 8th February - 30th March 2013

    Ah sunny Spain - or often more likely to be heavy rain! The weeks seem to have flown by and I wasn't even aware we where in March. I was definitely in a tour bubble and enjoying the Show jumping world. The horses where all lovely and I have grown so fond of them all. Biker is stunning 17hh 6 year old stallion would more than likely be spending his days sleeping the only problem was getting him up to jump! He would groan and sigh, pretty much roll his eyes at you then sit like a dog as if to say "I'm up, honest!" Very cute!


    Photos: Arriving through the gates * Biker * prefect tree for the stables

    The days where so busy with the 5, 6 & 7 year old horses competing Tuesday - Thursday then the Grade A's competing Friday - Sunday there was always lots of preparation to be done. Rouge was a very talented horse and jumped well through-out with Matt Sampson - who made it look very easy. Video here of them in action around the Grande Prix and 4th place, unfortunately I didn't capture there amazing jump off round but trust me it was quick!


     Photos: Matt & Rouge * Rouge relaxing * main arena

    I learnt huge amount and it was fascinating working in a different discipline as a lot was done so differently to the eventing world. I hope that now at least my show jumping courses will look tiny - fingers crossed! I am now more keen & confident to try a variety of bits rather than sticking the few I've always used - as it can make a huge difference to the horses way or going and control for the rider if more is required. I must confess I do prefer the more traditional look generally seen in eventing ... the Show jumper do like the Bling!

    It was a great experience and was a much needed break from the UK - something I would do again. However 7 weeks living in a horse lorry I was more than ready for the home comforts again! Thankfully it sounds like I missed out on some really awful British weather and didn't really miss any eventing out - phew. Now I'm looking forward to the season ahead and have some exciting horses to ride ....

    Laura Xx

  2. 2013 January & February

    Happy New Year!

    I hope you all have recovered well from the festive activities.

    Plans at Team LR Eventing turn towards to 2013 eventing season. So far it is looking rather bleak. One ride has unfortunately suffered an injury in the field where she is kept with her owner & I have not found anything I like with a price tag to suit my budget!!

    I was hoping that 2012 was my year of disaster; I think a car crash, fracture spine and retirement of your top horse is certainly enough bad news. However on a personal level 2013 brings the biggest heartache. Thankfully the business side of my life is keeping me hugely busy!

    I have a few horses coming in for training in April with hopes they may going on to event. I have also been very busy teaching and there has been such a great improvement in my clients and their horses I’m so very proud of them all.

    I have some exciting news though …. I am off heading overseas working as an International Show jumping groom on the Sunshine Tour in Spain!! I’m very much looking forward to this and a change of scene is definitely needed. I will be looking after 7 horses and it is a four day lorry drive to the famous show.

    Don’t worry I am taking my laptop so can answer any questions you may have or help in anyway. I am so please that all clients have been great booking in lessons and horses for my return.

    I hope to gain so much from this experience and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

    Take Care, Laura Xx

    Wizard enjoying the snow


    Also don't forget to see my facebook page LR Eventing for your chance to win a Joules Saddle Cloth!!

  3. November & December 2012

    Well as I’m sure you all know; November was another month which saw yet more rain! I certainly am considering moving anywhere sunny – running out of waterproofs.

    I have sadly advertised Babykins for sale and my retired eventers for loan. I simply cannot afford to keep them. I have also been so busy working that I have little time for them. Time and attention is what they deserve - I also have 3 lovely saddles available. I will be heart broken when they are gone but I will only let them go to the bests of homes so they will be happy.

     I would like to stress I am not giving up and still have spaces available for the 2013 season and taking on rides and sponsorship. Please contact me if you would like to get involved with Team LR Eventing.

    December has just been so busy. We all had a wonderful Christmas at home with the horses & dogs being spoilt too! I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year & all the best for 2013. Also to thank my sponsors, supporter & clients for all their help & support in 2012 – and for the lovely gifts this Christmas too! Bring on 2013 – exciting times ahead … watch this space!


  4. October


    Well winter is certainly here. Oh dear. I will confess the dark nights and cold days really do make me want to hibernate!


    With all the wet weather lots of horses owners have been struggling with mud fever. I’ve never really had an issue with it before but it seems most horses have it. If you are struggling to get rid of it my additional advice would be using an antibacterial wipe gentling remove scabs, trim away excess hair and apply a steroid/antibiotic cream available from the vets (around £15) twice daily and it will clear up in days!


    I have also been suffering from no BE withdrawal symptoms hitting surprisingly early this year due to lack of runs. However good news – the British Eventing 2013 calendar is already up, yay!!


    Wizard is recovering well and has 20 minutes walking hacks 4 times a week around the village which he loves but I’m sure he’d rather be hunting!


    Babykins is also starting his ridden work with hacking out most days, so far so good. I really need an arena to progress further with him. He is so green.


    Currently I am assessing my options with regards to next year though lack of funds seems to make most things almost impossible. Fingers crossed for a lottery win.


    I do have 2 possibly 3 stables available for full or hunter liveries currently so spread the word if you know of anyone who is looking.


    Hopefully I will be out an about getting in some winter show jumping and dressage practise on clients horses as well as keeping my eye out for both rides and purchases for next season…


    I would love to hear how you keep inspired through the winter with your horses so do write in with any tips to share!


    Wrap up warm, Laura Xx


     Henry (our dog) greeting me & Babykins on returning from a hack